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Ubuntu and emc week–

Ubuntu, a South African term that translates to “I am because we are”, becomes my mantra for humanity. I was introduced to this concept, this way of life, this state of being during a time that I was seeking how I may offer a hand to humanity’s positive progression. Yet, understanding that I was not living to my full potential. I honestly didn’t even know what that potential was.

My first encounter with Ubuntu brought me to tears- a picture of a tribal member crying, surrounded by the community members. The words on the screen told a story and I remember it as, ‘in the Ubuntu communities, when a person does something wrong, the community places this person in the middle while they surround them, taking turns telling the person the positive attributes he/she possesses and the goodness this person brings to the community.” This can go on for a few days, depending on the reaction and results of the person in question.

Absolutely beautiful, right? Imagine what our world would be like if we switched to this pluralistic view of humanity by turning in our selfish approach? When we don’t live up to expectations, we tend to become our worst critic. This negative self talk drives us into more negative states of being, thereby creating more of what we don’t want. Ubuntu offers permission for me to not only forgive myself, but to combat that negative destructive self-talk with the empowering words of my strengths and the things that I am actually doing really well.

I am because we are- I am the person I am because of the millions of people I have interacted with, learned from, disagreed with, listened to, questioned, and that perpetual continuation of humanity is how we grow. When we view the world through a collaborative lens it makes it easier to trade in the competitive lens that we seem to see the world through. Why should I win if it involves the destruction of others? Especially when we all can win together, Ubuntu.

This is the basis of emc2, I am because we are and we are so much better together. The thought of us all navigating this world by depending on the strengths of one another is an amazing vision. Think about it, the limitations that we each have force us into human connection. If I’m married to someone that can do it all, what is my role then in the relationship? The beauty in not being perfect is that perfection is formed through us coming together and using our super powers together, thus creating balance, through human connection.

This is humanity, to me, and this is the foundation of emc week. Essential. Meaningful. Collaborative. As we begin this journey together, meditate on the Ubuntu concept this weekend. Look it up, talk to others about it, pay attention to how those you interact with impact your life, and more importantly, notice how you impact those around you.

Then meet me on LinkedIn or Facebook Monday as you will be met with a short video of me explaining this concept in a little more detail. The week will progress accordingly and will build upon this idea. By replacing the Social noise with meaningful purpose, emc week brings value to your journey. This then becomes a week-long coaching session that offers you the ability to Become Your Best Self!

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