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Who’s Seated at Your Table?

I once referred to them as my “Intangible Mentors”. Then I met one, virtually, and I realized that there were more of them than I had originally believed. So, they became my very own Justice League. They are the ones that I lean into when I need an answer from a different perspective. They offer guidance and wisdom when I’m coaching a client. They guide a thought when I’m consulting or creating content. They are my group of mental superheroes that allow me to be my best self, and to assist in helping others become their best selves.

Who are they? They are my teachers. They are my mentors. They are my gurus. They are my guides. They are, well, me with a different face, a different thought process, a different insight, a different side to the same leaf. They contain the power to create questions within myself, all from different ‘seats’ within my mind. These questions allow me to gain a “knowing” of a subject and then are stored away at a time needed.

Through their teachings, whether it be in books, lectures, interviews, conversations, podcasts, etc., they offer me valuable information at a time needed. These teachings were sought after as I explored the answers to deep questions I had. My very own table (my mind) started to become the host to my very own superheroes that were there to support me once I invited them in. This is the key- I invited them. I welcomed them. They were always there, but it was me who let them in.

We all have them, though different for everyone. I ask you, who is seated at your table? Are they bringing you life, or are they adding to the negative self talk? Because superheroes often have villains in the story. So, is your table surrounded by villains out to destroy your happiness? If so, you can begin to uninvite them and replace them with someone wanting to bring life. Is it difficult? Yes. Is it worth the difficulty? Most certainly.

It starts by feeding your mind with the information needed. Become curious. I’m often asked ‘how do I know what I need’? The simple, yet difficult, answer is to first ask yourself these questions, then follow where you are guided. What are you seeking to find in this world? What doesn’t make sense to you right now? What are you truly afraid of? Get curious about the world and then the world of possibility opens up to you. Fulfill your curiosity through generous exploration. It is through the journey where we meet those that add light and life.

At my core is the understanding of the African term, Ubuntu, which translates, ‘I am because we are’. My Justice League table is set with those that have helped to form me into the person I am. I could not be where I am today without these (and many others) in my life. However, the most important part is the understanding that I invited and welcomed them in. Likewise, there are many that are not invited, not welcome, or are uninvited because they no longer align with the journey I am on. They served me well and for that I am filled with gratitude, but growth is essential and there is limited room at my table, so I either add chairs or replace my characters.

Who is sitting at my table? There are so many, but I will share the two at the head. They are the ones that offer the greatest insight into my true self and bring me back to source just by picturing their faces- 1. My wife, Jennifer, who changed my entire life through one loving question and then lovingly supported me as I began this journey. 2. Wayne Dyer who taught me more about myself than I ever knew was possible, especially forgiveness, self-healing, and love. The rest of the table sits the others, waiting to express their wisdom, and I have learned when to give them the floor to expand humanity by sharing that wisdom. I am because we are- Ubuntu, is my map to becoming my best self.

I ask you- Who is Seated at Your Table?

Be well, Be love,


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