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Permission to Become Your Best Self

Your self-empowering journey begins now. 

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Life Without Human Expansion is Like Silently Screaming.

Conforming to social norms and routines can lead to... 

Limited potential

Hidden purpose

Disconnected and imbalanced from self

Inhibit ability to build the life imagined.


We are meant to learn and grow from and with one another. Ubuntu taught me this. My purpose is to reveal this to you.
I am because we are.

"...You will find his [Eric's] energy, drive, and passion infectious so I encourage you to meet with him and you will not regret it.."

- Kyle

Under Productive? Under Potential? Under Valued?

Your Best Self Plan is here to flip your perspectives.


a Free Call

We chat, discuss your needs and how I may be of assistance. After intake, we will begin planning a schedule, including pricing. Call is free.

Sign an Agreement

Coaching Agreement will serve as the contract. It will illustrate specifics of the arrangement and both will agree upon the terms before signing, including guarantee.

Set up Sessions & Get to Work

Each session will consist of me partnering with you to help you become Your Best Self. Accomplished through powerful questions, tools and homework, you do the work, I just expose your blindspots.


Options for Becoming Your Best Self

To begin your journey, here are 3 questions that changed my life

Ready to trade in your fear for an empowered future?

This process offers you permission to Become Your Best Self. And Your Best Self enhances humanity!

'I am because we are'

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