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The How of Why

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

If you are like me, you want to know how to do something just after learning why you should do it in the first place- the amazing thought or feeling leading to this idea. I'm stuck on this mental focus of how and why it's such a big deterrent in our process.

Anything new we wish to learn to do- ride a bike, a new language, give a presentation, run a marathon, travel the world, change thought patterns, manifesting desires, and the list goes on- we have this desire to know how before we give it a shot.

We spend so much time seeking the advice of those who have successfully reached the thing we want- watching video, asking questions, reading books- anything we can do to understand how that person reached this success.

During this process, we are hiding. Hiding behind our fear of moving forward. Whether it’s a fear of failure, a fear of embarrassment, fear of harm (physical and/or emotional), fear of the unknown- fear, fear, fear.

Think about when you were a child. When you wanted to learn a new thing how did you go about learning? Did you ride your huffy to the library and pick up a How-To on Superhero Underwear Couch Flying? No, you simply put on your Superhero Underoos, threw cushions on the floor and flew (kind of).

The point is that you learned the how simply by doing! This is how we figure everything out in our lives. We may feel safe by researching the subject, and it’s a great idea to start the process with, but eventually we need to let go and fly!

If you are seeking to learn something new, understand that this desire came from within and the why is the driving factor behind it all. If your why nudges you to move forward, put on your cape and underoos and fly. The HOW will expose itself to you through the process!

Understand the power and potential you have within offers you the ability to do anything. Anything! Including figuring out the how to your why!

Be well. Be Love

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