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Right Left Turn-

The other morning we headed out early for our daughter's sporting event. Once in the car, we began to converse and prep for the day ahead of us. Then I realized I missed my left turn a few miles back.

Once realized, I was presented with the following logical options:

  • turn around and go the original "best" way, which requires us to absorb the sunk cost of lost time

  • jump on the interstate at the next option, which is 5-10 minutes out of the way

  • make the next left turn my "right" turn

So, we decided to create a new "right" turn, which actually added 1-2 minutes to the overall trip.

Two important things to point out in this scenario as it is profound in our day-to-day lives:

  1. In all mistakes, we have the capacity to right our wrongs, or in this case, right our lefts.

  2. Our subconscious mind operates 95% of our thought process and this is so huge.

Since it is "habitual" in nature, when we have other stuff going on, our subconscious, or habits, create our future. So, our journey to our goals (our hopes, our dreams, our desires) is fueled and Ubered by our habitual nature. The same habitual nature that was partially formed by others as a child and continued throughout our lives. The only way to change habits (subconscious) is to be AWARE of the thoughts and act upon those thoughts.

This is hard because our mind likes to wonder and analyze, which takes energy away from our ability to be aware. So, just as I noticed "I missed my turn", once we notice we are acting from a habitual nature, stop- identify what you see- identify how you got here- identify where you want to go- and step in that direction. Each time you will recognize sooner and will consistently become easier to create your new habit.

With enough patience, practice and grace,

eventually, you will create a new Right Left Turn...

Be well, Be love!

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