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Positive Perpetuation of Words-

“Our words have power”- or so we have been told. Just like all language, we place an understanding, a symbol if you will, on words or phrases. So, what does this statement mean to you?

  • Is it a cliche to be used within conversations?

  • Is something to be philosophically revered with no life application?

  • Do you laugh because there is no correlation in your mind of your words and your power?

  • Or do you use your words wisely because you have experienced the creative power within them?

There is no wrong answer here, as we all come to our own understanding of all things in our own time, based on a multitude of experience with the situational aspects associated with the subject.

I believe our words create, therefore I am to be “impeccable with my words” - Don Miguel Ruiz, or very careful and precise on what I choose to create (or speak into existence).

This goes way beyond ourselves, as this is the driving energy behind business culture. Think about a job you had that you would consider the culture to be less than desired. Chances are the people you worked with spoke about the negativity, the subpar working conditions (including lack of managerial assistance, lack of support, etc.), the poor work ethics presented by colleagues, and the list can go on. Think about this for just a second- these conversations continue, growing momentum with each conversation, and eventually scaling to the majority. Unfortunately, this is seen as the “norm”. Why are we settling?

What would happen if we, the leaders, provided an environment that cultivated a positive creation through words? It is my understanding that negative commentary tends to surface when a lack of belonging, a lack of purpose or even a lack of feeling supported begins to sink into the individual(s). So, let’s flip this and give them something good to talk about- even if it is laughing at our efforts to support, they are beginning to recognize intention and this is the beginning of the energy shift needed.

I mean people are going to talk and those words are going to create, so why not set ourselves up for positive creations along the way by flipping to a positive perpetuation of words?\

Need help? A perfect place to start can be found in my short eBook Just in Time Training at Just the Right Time. The goal is for inclusion, purpose and support to be a seed that cultivates into a nourished culture over time. Let’s nourish and cultivate, together!

Be well, be love!

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