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Fulfilling Perspectives–

This morning I did something I haven’t done in far too long- I walked, outside, in the woods, in nature, with my dog, at sunrise, with the spiderwebs, with the early rising creatures rustling in the leaves, with my thoughts. Then I realized something. Our lives are a series of experiences and our perception of those experiences- good/bad, long/short, difficult/easy, you get the point. This generates our next move. Chances are, if we enjoyed the experience, then we are likely to attempt a repeat of it, do something similar to evoke the same response, or stay in that moment for as long as we can (i.e. marriage).

You see, I love everything about this experience, but I have been filling my time with other experiences, therefore detaching myself from the life-giving deliciousness of combining my thoughts with silence, replacing my computer with the sunrise coming up out of the valley, and trading my exercise mat for the trails ahead.

I ask these following questions because it is so personally profound to me- if your perspective of life is anything other than fully gratitude, abundantly appreciative, totally optimistic, and/or pure love:

  • What experiences are you having on a daily basis?

  • Is your day filled with life-giving experiences?

  • Are you misinterpreting, or mis-perceiving, your daily experiences?

  • Have you forgotten, or replaced, your exciting experiences with those that the world has “offered” you?

If you are like me, at least one of the above is true. Let’s change this- first, state, “I am willing to offer myself life-giving experiences”, then move towards that energy and be completely present in that experience. Do this and I promise your perspectives will shift as you perceive the world through a clearer lens, bringing you to a place of fulfillment.

Here’s to refinding our fulfilling perspectives through permissive exploration!

Be well, Be love.

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