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Flip Your Process, Flip Your Outcome-

If you were to choose between building a sustainable, scalable educational curriculum OR an innovative culture of employees that are solution-driven, which would you choose?

Why not both?

We, as educators and as leaders, have the ability to create both within and through the processes we choose to subscribe to. Outcomes are directly related to the quality of processes that we adhere to. Seth Godin calls this process our “practice”, which is fitting when placed beside the idea that in everything we do we should be practicing like we play. If we do not like the way we are playing (our outcomes), then simply change the way we practice (our process).

It is sometimes much easier to tell someone what/how to do something. This almost always leads us to our immediate gratification, but simultaneously loses its energy the moment the task is completed. This is what happens when we attempt to “manage” people- we exert more energy as we focus on what needs to be done. Leadership, on the other hand, takes this energy that is invested in people and provides a return that is greater than the original investment. This is the value proposition- igniting a purpose within someone while empowering her/him to change the necessary process by offering support to do what she/he is capable of doing– building people, processes and culture.

So, why don’t we allow those that are needing the continuing education (our employees) the opportunity to build the education needed? The result is organic buy-in which offers an environment of an innovative culture to be cultivated. Isn’t that what we are all looking for?

I wrote a short eBook to illustrate the how behind creating this culture. You can check it out here. Or, if you prefer, let me help you. Check out my website and send me a message to get the conversation started.

Let’s change our future, together. Join me as we flip outcomes by flipping processes.

Be well, be love!

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