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Competent Staircase-

I learned something new. I learned a new task, a new skill, a new technology, a new set of actions, a new process that became a new art. I learned Podcasting.

It was hard. I got frustrated. However, I learned with a community. I learned with tenacity. More importantly, I learned with grace, with forgiveness, while giving myself permission to explore.

Isn’t this how we learn everything? Why do we expect to try something new and be an expert from the beginning? Why can we not predict, and accept, the fact that we are going to mess up? Why do we immediately go to the perception that we failed just because we messed up or haven't quite grasped the concept of something yet?

These are not failures! These are steps that we actually built through persistency, through tenacity, through curiosity, and through exploring the world with our senses. These steps we build through each “failure”, officially become the staircase that leads to competency and true understanding of whatever it is we are learning.

Now, I ask you this question- if we know the staircase is being built in advance, does it not make the building process (learning) more fun, more exciting, therefore more joyous???

Be well, be love-


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