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Become Your Best Self

Coaching. Consulting. Content.

Your empowering journey begins now. 

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Life Without Purpose is Like Chasing Someone Else's Dream.

Conforming to social norms and routines can limit your potential, hide your purpose, and lead to... 

Loss and powerlessness

Misalignment of internal values

Disconnected and imbalanced

Decrease in productivity


Many live in a world of imbalance, like I once did. Negating self-potential for the values of others leaves us powerless and disconnected from our true self. I'm here to help you find that balance- within yourself, within your team, within
your relationships, within your life.

"...Eric understands that executives and front line workers often have a different perspective on things and the necessity to only suggest solutions that align with organizational objectives. You will find his energy, drive, and passion infectious so I encourage you to meet with him and you will not regret it."

Kyle Brown, Solutions Manager at Avkin

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Tired of negating your potential for the values of others? 

With a customized plan of action, your journey to becoming Your Best Self begins here:


a Call

Free Discover call at a time that is convenient for you.

Discuss Your Specific Needs

Coaching, Consulting, or Content needed? Let's explore your needs and ways emc can help you meet them.



Agree that we are a good fit. If not, I will provide amazing professional referral within my network, Free!


a Plan

Let's create and execute the plan, together.



Curious questions from curious individuals hold within them the power to change, the power to ignite, and the power to empower. Coaching helps shift paradigms to one that better serves you, one that aligns with your true self and one that expands human connection. Let's start with 3 questions that changed my life...

Design Thinking for teams, building corporate-wide Education Curriculum, Process Improvement initiatives, Cultural Change, it all revolves around a commonality-Continuous Innovation. Let's get innovating! Begin with a fun "Really Bad Ideas" tool to help kickstart the brainstorming.

The content you need, customized. Education Training, Design Thinking templates, Keynote Speaking, Content Writer, Client Education are a few of the options available. The content is customized to meet your objectives. Check out a step-by-step guide to building your own Sim Kit.


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What would life be like if you were your Best Self?

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