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Creative Permission-

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Have you ever had an idea and thought "it's too small", "not impact enough for the effort", "what if it doesn't work", or something similar?

We have all had these dialogues within our minds, and the majority of the time we dismiss them- whether it is because we let the fear take over, give into the notion that it's not good enough to share with the world, or countless other reasons, we dismiss them- only to allow someone else to take the first step.

There is a huge gap in our thought process. We are forgetting that when we bring forth an idea, when we create something, when we seek a better way to do something, we give permission for someone else to do the same. We give them permission to build upon the foundation that we constructed. We give them permission to make the impossible possible, simply by taking our creation one step further.

What could represent humanity more than this permissive energy to perpetuate our collaborative human experience by creating a better world for one another? There are so many examples of this: the Wright brothers gave permission to others along the way that now allow us to travel anywhere in the world. Before the generous and permissive discovery of insulin by three remarkable people in 1921, people with Type 1 Diabetes had a life expectancy of 1-2 years. Because of their willingness to try, others have built upon this concept to switch the death sentence to a fulfilling life, therefore myself and others now have the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

I write this as a means for personal accountability, as well as a collective notion to remind us that no matter how small our idea may seem, the creative energy behind it has the power to blossom into something we could have never imagined.

What idea have you been waiting on? I challenge you to give someone permission to expand on that idea. Creative Permission.

Be well. Be love.

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