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TP Flipped my Script–

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Our days are filled with opportunities to see what we ‘need’ to see, but oftentimes we choose to see them from a different lens. From our victim lens. This lens always leads to more victimizing situations.

In our house, it seems as though I’m the one that changes the TP on the holder. Why? Apparently the others in the house use the last square just before taking off for the day. Most of the time I say to myself something like, “of course I will put a new roll on” or “I believe I’m the only one around here that replaces TP” while going through the process of replacing the roll. A clear situation of victimization.

However, the other day I noticed a shift, and it was as if the proverbial 2x4 hit me in the face (in a good way). I walked into the bathroom and noticed the empty roll hanging on the holder. My previous paradigm, or the way I perceive, interpret and react to information, popped up. I began to think the old thoughts, when suddenly a huge feeling of gratitude filled me. What? Even though I am grateful for TP, it was so much more than that.

Suddenly I saw the faces of my wife and daughter. I felt their hugs. I heard their voices, their laughter. I felt their love. You see, I have an opportunity to change the empty TP roll and replace it with a new one. How is this an opportunity? Because I have been given the greatest gift in the world- the ability to share my life with people who share theirs with me. The previous feeling of doing a chore was quickly replaced by a feeling of purpose.

This sounds weird, I know. But think about it, part of my role in the family is to set them up for success- make the coffee, prepare lunches, fill the water bottles, etc. The little things that assist in the morning routine. I assumed this position because it adds value to myself and my family. If these tasks add to the success of my family, then why can’t EVERY task be viewed the same way? Even replacing the TP when needed!

So, the next time you look down and see the empty TP cardboard cylinder hanging onto the holder, say “thank you”. Thank you for the opportunity to help those living with you, and allow the gratitude of sharing life and love with others to overwhelm you. Even if you live alone, there are guests that visit your house and use your essentials- sharing life with you- see the opportunity. Feel the gratitude. Finding gratitude in the little things offers greater appreciation for the huge things that come into our lives. Besides, TP brings enough debate to the table- should the roll face up or down? (in case you are curious, it should always face down. Always.)

The opportunities to see what we “need” to see are all around us. Take a moment and recognize the little things in life that add to our abundance!

Be well, Be love,


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