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Reciprocating Short-Cuts–

Reciprocity, or the receiving of the same energy, the same feeling or the same quality that was given, is generally not something that comes to mind when we think of education, nor negative outcomes within our organizations.

However, that’s exactly what is happening. Outcomes are a direct result of process, therefore negative outcomes are generally related to a negative process. This is reciprocity.

No one has ever learned to walk simply by listening to someone explain how to walk, watch a video on how to walk, or read a book on how to walk. Everyone learned to walk by walking. So, why do we continue to provide presentations on “how to”, provide a written test and then claim that this person can “walk”.

We do this because it’s easier on the educator and the company, or so we think. We short-cut this process because it’s the easiest (in that moment) to provide education at scale to ensure we are checking the adequate boxes to remain open for business.

This method is not actually easier. Convenient, maybe, however it leads to more work, less convenience, more costs and negative experiences for our clients. Those negative experiences are basically our staff short-cutting our clients. Why? Because we tend to translate our experiences onto the next, so we FEEL the scramble to create a quick education course to check the box, we FEEL the rush to get everyone through the training and we FEEL the real reason for this rushed and inadequate presentation, and it’s not for us or our clients. So, we go through the required training, receive a check by our name and now we are deemed fully capable and competent to go forth and provide this skill, task, or new way of process with our team and for our client.

Really??? That is like giving me training on how to ride a bicycle without having me ever hop on a bike. Once completed, you tell me I’m a cyclist, hand me my bicycle to ride home on and move onto the next education training. What you don’t know is that I summoned an Uber, strapped my new bike to the back, had my driver stop one block down the road and pushed my Huffy to my house to give off the illusion that I have mastered the new skills of cycling. Reciprocating Short-Cuts…

Stop short-cutting education modalities to your employees and they will stop short-cutting services to their clients. Besides, isn’t ROI better returned on valuable investments?

Be well, Be love.

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