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Perception, it’s all Perceptive–

What is reality? When we are presented with situations in our lives, it is important to understand that my reality is different from your reality. My experiences are different from your experiences. My perception is perceived differently from yours. Even if the same event is shared at the same time.

Why is this so important? Because understanding this concept, and I mean really understanding and beginning to become consciously aware of it when our biases trigger negative emotions, has the potential to catapult our progression. This concept is the window into empathy, and empathy is our super power allowing us to change the world by seeing that world through the eyes of another– through their tragedy, through their success, through their sorrow, through their happiness, through their interpretation of their perceived ‘reality’.

What we seek, we will find, every single time. This is one reason why each of us perceive the world differently, and the mechanism in which we choose to seek (95% unconsciously), is built upon previous experiences. Wayne Dyer would say, “Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.” This same world is built around how we see it, or better yet, what we choose to see.

If you and I were to walk down the street, quietly, at the same time. When we got to the end of the street we were handed our own notepad and a pen with instructions to write down our experiences. What do you think would be the outcome? We would have two completely different experiences. Sure, we both might have noticed that red car, heard the plane fly overhead, and might even notice a specific flower. However, the differences would outweigh the similarities. Why? Because we are perceptive beings and we interpret the world in which we interact with through this perceptive process.

When I take the time to place my feet in your shoes, begin to walk in them while viewing the world through your bifocals used to see your internal and external world, I begin to see and feel from your perspective. It is at this point in which connection can be made. It is here where judgment is released and true humanity is released. It is here where I realize that perceived realities hide true reality. It is here where we can truly understand that perception, it’s truly perceptive. And it is here where we can literally change our reality by shifting the way we perceive it, by a thought alone.

A loving world, or a hostile world? The same world, but which do you live in?

Be Well, Be Love,


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