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Kaleidoscopic View-

How can we see the world differently?

One way is to change the device we are using to view the world through. We have a tendency to become hyper-focused thereby seeing the world through a microscope.

What if we traded our microscope for let's say a kaleidoscope? At first it would be a huge shock. The ONE thing that we have been focussing our attention on would no longer be there, AND between the moving colors and shapes, we may have difficulty redirecting our attention.

If we stuck with it and began to seek out the details within our view, we would begin to notice things that were there all along but hidden secondary to our inability or unwillingness to look beyond our microscopic object. We would begin to see the beauty of how the objects we are viewing dance organically in the light together. It is there that we begin to see the world, differently.

So, next time you are feeling stuck, find it difficult to create, difficult to process improve, etc., stop. Breathe. While you are breathing, refocus your attention on the aspects around you that have gone unnoticed because you have been viewing this thing through a microscope.

Trade in your microscope for a kaleidoscope and see the world for what it could be...

Be well!

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