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I am Well–

During a recent trip, I checked out a new restaurant. It was filled with I am’s and positive words EVERYWHERE, both written and verbally. The energy was amazing. The people working there were fantastic- both to one another and to the clients. This energy was palpable when entering the space, like a familiar hug that immediately boosted my energy and shifted any negative thoughts I may have had into thoughts of curiosity, possibility and excitement.

Within my personal journey, I have became fully aware of the power of our words and have embraced the “I am” statements. You see, whatever we insert after I am…, it becomes our reality. Mine began after a misdiagnosis, which led me to seek out the Hippocrates’s belief of “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” and was followed shortly after by filling in the belief that “I am well.” Now, according to the evidence in the now, was I truly well? Nope, but I believed that I would be well, once I learned the necessary lessons in my now and continued seeking to become well.

It wasn’t until I walked into this restaurant 7 years after my journey began that I put the two together and realized why my now is actually filled with me being well. The energy of each (the food and my ‘I am well’ statements) were aligned and were offering the nutrients needed (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) in order to become well. I was finally feeding myself with the thoughts and foods I needed to heal, rest, grow and become who I needed to be.

This restaurant allowed me to see my internal process manifested into an actual business model! How cool is that? I mean the glass water containers revealed hand-written words on them such as ‘I am love’, ‘I am peace’, ‘I am light’, and so many more. Each container with a different word. That day, my word just happened to be ‘I am joy’, which was fitting as I was filled with so much gratitude. They were infusing their amazing food with positive affirmations, and the end product was happy employees, happy customers, and genuinely tasty food that was medicinal.

One of the signs hanging said in really large letters, “abundance can be had simply by consciously receiving what has already been given- Sufi Saying”. Our abundance, our healing, our changes that we seek to make, our answers to the questions we have, Sufi was saying, they are all there, hiding in front of us. This restaurant provides the recipe to “receive what has already been given”, however it is up to us, as individuals, to follow this recipe (put in the work) and become what we seek.

So, the next time someone asks, “how are you today?”, reserve your reflex answer of “I’m good” or “not too bad, for a Monday,” and replace it with a simple, yet powerful, “I am well.”

Be well, Be love,


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