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Energy in Motion

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Have you thought about what fuels our movement, or motion?

I have, and the thoughts, research and journey to find an answer led me to this realization- our emotions are the fuel that create the active movement in our lives.

First of all, the Latin word for emotion is 'emotere', which literally translates to "energy in motion". This means that our E-motion, or energy in motion, is the driving force behind everything we do. When we are sad, we move our lives in a motion of sadness. When we are excited, we create more excitement throughout our energy movement, or E-motion.

We cannot create positive change in our lives by a continual movement within a negative energy (negative E-motion).

In order to for us to thrive and excel, we must replace our negative emotions with positive ones. How do we do that? Our thoughts. Our thoughts become things through the creative movement of our E-motions. In other words, our E-motions are the active participation of our previous thoughts, leading to our thoughts in action.

It's a practice, and it takes time. But if you truly want to shift your life, fuel your motion with the appropriate thoughts.

If you do not believe me, pay attention to yourself. Or, pay attention to others- the words they use and how those words align with their E-motion, then keen into the energy they are creating, or exhibiting. You will begin to notice that those who choose to find the excitement in life are generally excited, those who focus on sickness are generally "not well" and you find them saying things such as "I just don't feel well today" or "I just feel off"

The same energy that we use to get us through the day is the same energy that allows us to attract and propel us forward. Choose that energy wisely.

So I ask you, what is fueling your motion today?

Be well, Be love,


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