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Curious Possibility–

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Welcome to the world of possibility. Possibility is an interesting philosophy as there are two driving factors:

-You must believe in the idea (curiosity)

-You must believe in yourself

Both work in accordance with the other. If you believe in the possibility, then you begin to believe in yourself, which creates more belief in the possibility, and the cycle continues.

If you lack belief in yourself, then the belief in possibility diminishes and ultimately you give into the limitation(s).

Edison, while creating his incandescent light bulb, first saw it as a possibility in his mind (a curious idea). He then believed that it would work and he would be the one to show it to the world (self belief). During this process he failed thousands of times before arriving with a functioning light. When questioned how he came to this invention, he simply stated, "I ran out of ways to fail." In other words, he believed so much in the possibility of both himself and his idea that there were no other options besides success.

Failure only occurs when we say so (give permission), otherwise it becomes our greatest teacher by allowing us to adapt, learn and move forward. It escorts us into the world of human expansion.

With a world full of possibilities within our amazing curious imagination, I invite you to fall in love with these ideas- To believe in yourself. To inspire to change the world through the creative possibility. To focus on the journey. To give yourself permission to expand. To give yourself permission to explore the world of Curious Possibility.

Be well. Be love.

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