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Continuing to Find, Continuing to Seek–

Last time we talked about how one night changed my life, simply by looking for goodness (if you missed it, you can check it out here). Now, just with all sudden changes in our lives, we tend to be in an elevated state of being for a bit before coming back to our previously perceived reality. When we decide to get into shape, we go ‘all in’- join the gym, begin eating salads for most meals, drinking more water, eliminating excess sugars, parking further in the parking lot to get our steps in, and the list goes on. Whatever will lead to our “getting in better shape”, we do. Until we don’t.

We take this ‘all in’ approach because consciously we want it. Consciously, I wanted more goodness in my life, and this one night that I found it hidden in plain sight rewarded me with an abundance of emotions to generate this positive feedback loop. I was wrapped in a blissful emotional hug and no one or nothing could bring me down. Until it did.

You see, this feeling of emotions that I was not accustomed to were the byproduct of the chemistry I produced from my thoughts. I felt love, so my body released Oxytocin, the love hormone, which created a feeling of love within me (self-love). I continued to be consciously aware of the love and goodness around me (I looked for it continuously), therefore my body reciprocated that with more Oxytocin. Until it didn’t.

After about three days of seeing the amazingness around me and being in a state of bliss, reality hit, and I was presented with the previous issues that I had grown accustomed to. I was in the Honeymoon phase of a new thought process, led by my conscious mind, before being switched back to my preprogrammed paradigms led by my subconscious mind. We are only consciously aware of 5% of our lives at any given time, thereby leaving the 95% to be led by our habitual auto-piloting programming from our subconscious. I was firing new and amazing “goodness” chemicals, until I didn’t.

This is the crux of moving forward beyond our now, beyond our limitations and beyond our feelings of being dragged back into our previous situation, unchanged. If there is a change you are seeking to make, you will be met with this situation. You will have to answer the question, ‘do I want this new life?’ You will have to put in effort and work. The effort is what reveals the change. The work is what offers the motivational reward. You work towards this goal, until you don’t.

One day, after you have told yourself, “I am well. I am love. I am (fill in the blank to what you want)”, and continue to seek those opportunities to become ‘that’, you will realize something- your change in habitual patterns have led you to becoming this person you proclaimed yourself to be and now it’s time to adjust your goal to something even greater than you were able to see before becoming this person. This is the place in which I cried because I revealed to myself that I am more than my preprogrammed paradigms. My previous loop did not serve me as it led me to more of what I did not want. This point of ‘becoming well’ was the beginning of my new loop. The loop, whereupon, I was continuing to find, and continuing to seek.

Be Well, Be Love,


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