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Being Gratitude-

Updated: Jun 13

Gratitude, beyond our superficial reaction and understanding of the thrown around term, is the only emotion that has a future signature. What?

Let me explain:

When you receive a gift, you are thankful for that gift, therefore you exhibit gratitude. Gratitude then is the effect of a cause.

When we can exhibit gratitude (an effect) without a cause (placing our mindset in a state of gratitude irrelevant of our environmental circumstances), we are moving into a state of being that has yet to happen. This leads us to becoming gratitude, which is way beyond the surface thought of gratefulness.

Once in this state of being, when we are squeezed- someone cuts us off on the freeway, says mean things to us, disrespects us, or whatever the negative ego-strike they provide- the "juice" that pours out (think of it as your response) is equal to that state of gratitude: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Why? Because we can only produce what we are filled with. Anger-filled people produce more anger when squeezed and the opposite is true for Love-filled people, as they provide love when squeezed. A concept so eloquently and beautifully illustrated by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Being Gratitude leads to more opportunities to exhibit gratitude, and the amazing emotions that are associated with it. It is healing and begins with us creating a mindset that sees the world around us as opportunities to be grateful.

Be well. Be love.

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