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Balance, it’s easier with two shoes–

Ever since the move, I’ve been seeking balance, flow and my new norm. What was I comparing against to feel unbalanced?

Compared to others?

Compared to my old life?

Compared to my wife?

What is my comparison narrative exactly?

One thing I’ve worked on is taking my dog, Duke, on the trails at least once a day, and forgiving myself for the days I don’t.

Today I beat my time, ok- our time, by 1.30 minutes! This might not sound huge, but just seeing the time difference opened my eyes to this:

  • That “time” is “my” better time

  • My metric should be the “me” from yesterday

  • I should only seek to become a bit better than that version was yesterday

  • I cannot change yesterday, nor control tomorrow, but now/today I can consciously move into the direction I choose.

This is so much more than my time on the trails- it’s my attitude towards my family, it’s my thoughts towards my job, it’s my willingness to give of myself to others, it’s the willingness to soften my tone when I speak to my child- it’s everything that encompasses “me” and the previous (yesterday) agreements I’ve accepted from others and made them “my” truths (check out “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, definitely worth the read). I can change those thoughts, beliefs and actions, today.

When seeking balance, think about this simple example- it’s super difficult to walk (balance) when you are only wearing one shoe (misalignment). Go barefoot or put on the other shoe and immediately you balance because you are aligned. This is the same within our internal/true self. Switching to a mirror metric, instead of an external comparative one, organically aligns me, and when internal alignment occurs, balance naturally occurs.

Me vs. Yesterday, thanks Brian!

Be well, be love!

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