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Abundant You–

For those of us that are caught up in the busy-ness of life- let's take a mindfulness timeout, if you are able to, close your eyes. Focus on an intention- love, peace, gratitude, whatever is calling you. Now, take a huge breath in and release it with a little force, a clearing breath. Now, for the next minute or so, breathe in for a 4 count, hold your breath for 2 and out for 4 while focusing on your breath and intention.

I am gratitude- I am thankful for each one of you, for your compassion to enhance humanity, for your courage to lead, for your curiosity to ask questions, for your creativity that propels our lives and for your generosity to share your gifts with us.

For those of us stuck in the busy-ness of life- we have all the time we need, we just need to refocus on what matters and what is life-giving to us. When my cup is filled, I am able to fill others' cups. Louise Hay would always say something along the lines of, 'our breath is our most treasured resource, and we take it in and let it go without any thought of it not returning' (or never being enough). If we have enough breath (also referred to as life) to meet our needs, then wouldn't our other unchangeable resources (time) be as abundant?

You are enough. I see that, do you?

Be well, Be love,


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