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Innovating to Become Your Best Self

Your creative-empowering journey begins now. 

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Life Without Correct Tools is Like Building a House With Only a Hammer.

Lack of engagement

Unclear objectives

Inability to convey the story appropriately through the correct content results in...

Decreased momentum

Inability to create automations


By creating Human-Centric content, I help you create the outcomes needed, while building automation into our process. Resulting in:

  • Staff Satisfaction

  • Knowledge retention

  • Continuous Innovation

  • Purpose-Seeking Culture

  • Balance

  • Ability to Scale

"Eric did a terrific job tailoring our workshops to directly tie the principles of Design Thinking to the work my team does every day."

Adam Fritts, Director of Community Schools

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Whether it's building Sim Kits, creating Design Thinking templates to provide meaningful meetings, keynote speaking, writing content to enhance your product/service, your Better Tools for Better Self Plan starts here:

Schedule a Free Consultation

Mutual Agreement

From Empathy to Launch

We chat, discuss your needs and how I may be of assistance. After intake, we will begin planning a schedule, including pricing. Call is free.

We mutually agree upon the contract, after modifying as needed. This includes payment and schedule of payment. We both sign agreement and are ready to begin.

We build success into the plan! Sessions are project-based and meetings will depend on needs. Communication from both parties is key for success. Let's ideate!


Better Tools for a Better Self

Want to build quality education that you can bring to your employees?
Check out this free tool!

Ready-to-Go Content.

On Demand tools to assist you in providing quality content to meet your quality needs.

Ready to trade in the traditional cogs for innovative content that inspires & engages?

This process creates Innovation to Become Your Best Self. And Your Best Self enhances humanity!

'I am because we are'

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